Vibrancy of natural colours in skincare products

Being perfectionists, imagine our surprise when in our initial days, we found two identical samples we had created differing in colour. Perhaps we need to rewind a bit to explain how we got to this juncture.

We focus on selecting ingredients that are natural, ethically produced and organic whenever possible. We pride ourselves for sourcing and using only the best quality of produce. This is done to maintain consistency of our products and to ensure that our customers get exactly what they have used previously. Whether it be creams, lotions, oils or balms we take utmost care to mix them to the exact same ratio every time.

Yet, we found that our entire second batch was different slightly in colour to our first batch. We were a bit perturbed by it and thus began our journey into identifying the root cause. Initially, we investigated every ingredient in detail, down to the species cultivated, places they were grown, the agricultural season, time of harvest, the processing that they underwent, etc. We learnt a huge amount in the process and while some revelations were surprising, the others were quite as expected. We share here some of our many findings.

Just as apple juice from different type of apples will look slightly different, depending on the circumstances, some (vegetable) carrier oils may have different intensity in colour. Our experience has been similar, we have seen that in some oils (not produced from nuts) like rose hip, hemp, olive or pumpkin, this colour difference can be quite pronounced. No batch is the same and that is just the nature of these oils. There may be several factors responsible for this, but the primary ones were: method of extraction, crop season, ripeness & variety of the fruit and location of cultivation.

Rosehips from Portugal for example may be different to the ones grown in the UK. Rosehips usually range in colour from red to orange, but also range from dark purple to black in some species. However, this difference in colour did not appear to affect the properties of the oil.

When making our last batch of facial oil we had a similar experience again. The colour was a bit darker to the previous batch, that just proves that our product is natural and each batch is unique. We are proud that the quality remains the same and we have consciously not resorted to adding colours to maintain consistency in colour every time.

 We have decided to celebrate this beautiful difference in colours that nature brings to us and share that with our customers. We are eager to hear what you think and wonderful if you share your experience with us.

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